Referral Plan

Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget

* Capsicum Wallet – Value of Wallet 5000/- . Be a member of Wallet scheme by buying the wallet.
* Once you are Wallet Holder, you are eligible for Wallet Referral Scheme.
* You need to have 2 people join the wallet scheme through direct reference.
* Your income starts once you make this 2 Wallet holders.
* For making one pair, your account is credited with 500/-
* Now as your pairs, start making further pairs, you get 500/- for each pair made

Pay out Closing – Every Monday and Pay Out Release every Thursday
Daily Capping in the above scheme – 5000/- (10 Pair)
Weekly Capping – 35000/- (70 Pair)
Monthly Capping – 150000/- (300 Pair)

The Top Up Recurring Plan

* Capsicum Wallet – Once the original 5000/- of the wallet is utilised, all or any member can top up the same by 1000/- and the multiples of the same.
* Once a member tops up his card, all the members in his upline – upto 10th level will get a top up recurring of 25/- for each 1000/- top up.

The Club Plan

Be a part of the premium clubs and get more direct referral earnings

Get 1 + 2 members (15000/- investment)
in 10 days of joining and get 20000/-

Get 1+2+4 members (35000/- investment)
in 20 days and get 50000/-

Get 1+2+4+8 members (75000/- investment) in 30 days and get 111000/-

Get 1+2+4+8+16 members (155000/- investment) in 60 days and get 240000/-


How it Works??

How the overall plan works – Get the number of referral members in target days and earn extra by being part of inner club circle member. Each member in the specic club will earn extra referral up to mentioned limit.
* This income is over and above your regular referral plan and top up plan.
The amount being earned each month will depend on the number of members in each club and the membership growth of the company. For Silver and Gold Club 2% of each new member joining per month will go to club and the amount will be equally divided in all its members. For Diamond, Platinum and Titanium Club – 1% of each new member joining per month will go to club and the amount will be equally divided in all its members.

Bonus Plan

Not only Referral and Top up, there is a Bonus Plan too.
Get 10% as Bonus of your Upline and Downline Referral Plan income only.
*The top Up, Club Income or Bonus Plan income will not be considered for this.

Bumper Prize

Its not only about food.. Its also about fun and friends...
Capsicum Wallet gives you Bumper Prize